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We are the Purple Heart Call Center (PHCC) , and we are staffed entirely by combat wounded and disabled veterans of the United States military.  What does that mean to you and your company?  It means that when you sign a contract with us, YOUR call center staff is the most disciplined, dedicated and efficient call center staff ever assembled.  Each administrator, supervisor, and call center associate has been fully trained and screened to ensure you, and your customers, the highest quality service anywhere.

We do Appointment Setting, Lead Qualification, and Contact Verification.

Our rates are lower than average due to, custom software, custom hardware, and a suggestive predictive algorithm. This results in ease of use, and higher production. We pass our savings to you, to make you more competitive.

Receive call reports that show an overview of your campaign, and detailed log reports with the exact outcome of every call.

We take responsibility for your campaign.

Your campaign may start within 24 hours, or in some instances the same day, depending on resource staff. All disabled veteran agents speak perfect English.

All our CRM software is built in-house and is adjustable to your specific campaign needs. Need assistance with your sales script? Just ask, its free. Our rates are per call / per minute. You'll know in advance what your campaign will cost. You may also choose out per-hour billing, instead.



It's not just a job to us, it's a mission!

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